3. luukku: December 3rd, a day of celebration

You all may be thinking: “What’s so special about December 3rd?”

Well actually, International Day of Disabled People is celebrated each year on December 3rd!

This tradition was set in place in 1981 by the United Nations. They made it a celebration for the achievements of people all around the world that live with disabilities.

However, it has been made very clear by the United Nations that this day is not considered a holiday, but a day that is used to promote awareness of the challenges that people with disabilities face.

If you are interested in hosting a Day of People with Disabilities-event, the International Day of People with Disabilities-website sells corporate kits that include; branded merchandise, t-shirts, decorations and materials for promotional marketing.

There are many ways of promoting awareness on this day. The most common and used way is forming protests that highlight the difficulties disabled people deal have in society. Another way of promoting awareness is having art exhibitions promote artwork by people with disabilities.