New horizons, new points of view

As the airport gates opened, a new world appeared to us, French students: new landscapes, new customs, new weather conditions, a new way of life…

After being warmly welcomed, we went on a wonderful adventure in that foreign culture and country. We could already perceive that our two cultures were really different and it was a bit confusing for some of us – no kiss on the cheeks for example!

Our daily routine was also totally different and we had to get used to it to fit into our host families. We were also surprised to see such a tolerant and multicultural society.

After a busy weekend, we discovered a wonderful art school, where we started to create our self-portraits with our partners. We really enjoyed visiting and discovering the city, while shooting videos for our short movie. We went to several places, which were really amazing! We shot on different locations in order to have enough material for the editing part, which started on Wednesday afternoon.

This journey and experience have allowed us to be more autonomous and to enjoy creating videos. Thanks to that, we have developped our skills in cinema and managed to improve our linguistic skills in English.

So a big thank you to all the teachers and the Finnish students who took part in that project.

TEXT Students from Lycée Saint Joseph de Thônes
PHOTOS Quentin Agnans, Cindy Suize